History of Football

Who doesn’t know football sports? Yep, this one sport is often dubbed as the world’s most popular sport.Almost all countries in the world have a national football club, complete with a league structure and an established match system – regardless of their country and wherever they are.This sport seems to be a universal language that everyone can understand across borders.Not excessive to call football sports as a sport of unithe man.This is evident in the Asian Games yesterday, when the entire fans of Sepa football Indonesia waives the identities of their respective club fans to support their people. Football history Well, in addition to the positive values it brings, indeed sports football has a fairly long history. How does the story to football become the most popular sport in the world? Let’s see the history below!
  1. Start a soccer game
The historical roots of the long-recorded football sport originated in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BCE (BC) in the Bamboo curtain country of China. In the beginning, soccer was played by dribbling the leather into a small goal. As time went on, the sport began to be brought to Europe, precisely Britain. From China to England In the UK, football is experiencing rapid development, with the introduction of various rules and regulations of the game. Football in the Western world starts in school and university fields, which are marked out between them. Gradually, the competition began to be formally inaugurated into its own leagues. Football continues to evolve until it finally has its own professional competitions. Football Club appearances Sheffield FC is listed as the oldest football club in the world which stood at 1857. Until now, football domination as the most desirable sport still continues to survive. Popular football clubs include Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Tottenham from the English league. Their competitors were from the German league, both Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, while the Italian league relied on Juventus. Spain has two giant clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Although small, the Dutch league also had a legendary club, the Ajax Amsterdam.
  1. History of football in the world
Once widely known throughout continental Europe, the world of football began to undergo rapid development. Success is popular among school and university students, emerging initiatives to create a sustainable professional league system. The initiative is also accompanied by the introduction of various regulations to make the game more competitive and interesting to watch. In addition, many companies began producing various football fixtures, such as ball jersey and ball shoes. Football spread by merchants, sailors and soldiers After a successful history of English, football began to be brought by merchants, sailors, and British soldiers throughout the world. Initially, football began to be loved in European countries themselves such as France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Then football spread throughout the world, especially from the British colonies scattered across all continents. Founding of Football Federation Football continues to evolve to become the most popular sport for many people. In 1904, it was finally infused with the International Football Federation or the FIFA-abbreviated. After FIFA was formed, football began to mushress into various countries, with the establishment of established systems and structures to support the course of the competition. Until now, various leagues and championships continue to be taped, starting from the national level, continents, and even the world. Among the most popular competitions – with the highest broadcast market mastery – is the Premier League in the UK, the UEFA Champions Cup for European clubs, and the World Cup, a competition between world-state national clubs.